Online Consultation

                                           Consultation from the comfort of your home

Our homeopathy online consultation provides same care and services as we do in person. Due to geographical distances at times it is not possible for our clients to personally visit us. We request clients to contact us through our website first and initiate the process.


Online consultation involves same set of steps that we use for consultation in person. Upon contact to us we will send basic case taking forms to be filled up by patient. Our form details the instructions to fill up the details and how to read your symptoms. We will review the forms and contact you for more details and in person discussion for any more questions or information. A remedy tailored and appropriate for your particular issue under examination will be recommended after studying your case. Because Homeopathic medicine treats a person to address underlying causes and not just the disease, we recommend dosage and duration to take remedy before switching on next medication based on the progress. Hence a follow up client communication is always provided to ensure that treatment works and healing takes place in a complete and satisfactory manner.