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Welcome to our practice of Homeopathic Consultation in Maryland. We provide a time proven holistic healing treatment based on Classical Homeopathic principles. Our practice is based out of Maryland, and we serve community with Homeopathy services in Maryland, Virginia, and Greater DC Metro area. Homeopathy can treat chronic as well as acute diseases. Our practice uses classical homeopathy to treat wide ranging disorders such as eczema, psoriasis,asthma, allergies to name a few.Providing beneficial services of Homeopathy for kids, Homeopathy for women, and Homeopathy for all ages is an attempt of our homeopathy practice in DC area.

We also specialize in CEASE Therapy, a homeopathic way for Autism management. CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression) Therapy is clinically proven, well researched and individualized treatment protocol that integrates the best homeopathic approaches as an overlay to the detoxification process. Autism & homeopathy in Maryland, Virginia and DC Metro area.

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy takes into account the whole person. Often only one remedy may address all your complaints.

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Nirupama has her family practice in North Potomac, MD. She enjoys working to rebalance the health and well being of people of all ages.

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Our online consultation provides same care and services as we do in person.

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy takes into account the whole person. Often only one remedy may address all your complaints.By boosting the body’s immune system, homeopathy can help improve a person’s resistance to illness and infections.

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Qualified Doctors

Our qualified doctor's role is to aspire to assist people in attaining better health, which includes living with more motivation, purpose, and happiness as they move through life to remove obstacles to health by assisting the body’s natural healing process.

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Nirupama Desai works to find the root cause of illness, and her individualized treatment plans, which are based on Homeopathic Principles are aimed at treating the individual as a whole...

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No more arthritis in my hands! In my 40s I developed arthritis in my hands with stiffness, swelling and pain. A friend suggested that I consult with Dr. Grey who had a M.D. from Stanford University. He had studied homeopathy in Europe when he became disillusioned with American medical practices. After a thorough consultation with me, he prescribed a homeopathic remedy chosen for me as a person, a holistic approach, not some standard medication for arthritis. Within three months, all my arthritis was gone!

That was 35 years ago in California! Last summer my hands began to stiffen up and hurt and my wrists were less flexible and painful, a crisis because I spend hours writing on the computer daily. I searched for a homeopathic doctor, not just someone acquainted with homeopathic remedies. I wanted a trained homeopathic physician. In my search I discovered the country with the most homeopathic medical schools was India with more than a hundred. So I looked for someone who was trained there.

Luckily I found Dr. Nirupama Desei who has more than 7 years of medical training and 2 degrees in India and additional training in the US and other medical programs. She is certified in classical homeopathy.

Dr.Desai is a thorough conscientious physician who took time getting acquainted with me and my health history and current issues. After consultation she did additional research before prescribing any remedies. In two days I received her email with prescriptions for not only my arthritis, but another health issue as well.

Within a week I got the flexion back in my wrists (the last symptom that had developed). After three weeks of increasing healing, my arthritis no longer limited my finger motion nor caused me pain, not even any discomfort. Now 78 years old I look forward to years without arthritic pain in my hands.

I highly recommend Dr. Desai. She has deep training in the principles and practice of classical homeopathic healing and health maintenance. She practices true holistic health care, taking into account your physical, emotional, and mental conditions. Especially chronic conditions can be helped through her knowledge and treatment. The sooner you get treatment, the quicker you can reverse symptoms and heal.

Just a note: while I could have gotten remedies locally, I emailed my old homeopathic compounding pharmacy in the San Francisco area. They immediately sent me the medicine I needed. I know that it had not been sitting on a shelf for months or years. (Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc., San Rafael, CA 94901/ http://www.hahnemannlabs.com/index.html/ Toll-Free: (888) 427-6422 -- Pacific Time.

Their website has an excellent clear description of homeopathy principles and details on how homeopathic remedies are made and why they are effective.)
Margaret, Arlington, VA
Recently I had an eye lid infection, when I visited my allopathic doctor was prescribed with a week of antibiotics and was told if this could not resolve the issue I would be prescribed with higher dosage of antibiotics. I did not want to go through the antibiotic's (as I had issues with colitis and antibiotics could aggravate the problem) and went to Dr Nirupama with my problem, a prescription with 5 dosages and Iam done with the eye infection. During my visit I discussed with Dr Nirupama about the side effects of using antibiotics with colitis, and got various tips on dietary habits which has given me a great amount of relief from the symptoms of colitis. Thanks to Dr Nirupama for the guidance.
Srinivas Malladi January 1, 2015
I am happy to write this testimonial for Dr. Nirupama. My daughter, soon after her birth began to develop a skin issue that did not get cured with any of the medications provided by her regular pediatrician. However, Dr. Nirupama was able to quickly identify the cause and provide the appropriate remedy. The skin problems cleared within a few days and my daughter who is now close to three has not had a skin issue since then. Dr. Nirupama is a friendly, dynamic and extremely competent doctor. She is patient and takes very good care of her patients. I am very happy to know her and glad that she is available for me and my family whenever a medical issue arises.
Claire R. October 13, 2014 Maryland, USA
I have 2 children ,aged 3 years and 9 months.My elder one had chronic ear infection and upper respiratory infections.He was also diagnosed with adenoids.My younger child also started on the same lines.Repeated ear infections,cold.Both of them were being administered strong antibiotics and very frequent doctor visits.The medicines and visits were getting more and more but I felt that both my children were losing their own germ fighting immunity. I was introduced to homeopathy through Dr.Nirupama Sagare in Jan 2010.Dr.Sagare developed a thorough case history sheet for both.Through her I came to know about how homeopathy helps the body to develop immunity and fight infections on its own rather than trying to suppress the infection ,like antibiotics.Homeopathy takes time to first clean the entire immune system of a person,helps the body to get rid of any ills and then improve the immune system on its own.Dr.Sagare suggested natural remedies like garlic,honey,lemon juice,warm water to alleviate symptoms.Initially the homeopathic pills were given to fight the current sickness and then pills were given to develop the child's immunity. Its been 4 months and the doctors visits and antibiotics have definitely come down.By following simple home remedies and homeo pills I am able to see a lot of improvement in both my kids,especially in my elder child.His colds,ear infections,coughs have definitely come down.
Sarvani Akkanapragada April 8, 2010 Virginia
I am Raman Pillai,72 years old. I have chronic problem of prostate related urine retention. Everytime after passing urine, a certain residual urine used to remain back and this used to give me recurrent infection. I had tried several medicines off and on but my basic problem of frequent infections continued. When I consulted Dr.Nirupama and had a detailed discussion to answer every question that a Homeopath asks to determine an accurate medicine and exact dosage, I waited for few days to get the medicine that was tailored to my particular problem. I continued medicines for 3 months. I started feeling the difference and reduction of symptoms after about a month or so. And in about 3 months I had considerable improvement and a sense of relief. I was surprised also to find that I had chronic issue of cracks on my soles and foot area which also healed after about 3 months of above mentioned course of medicine. It seems Homeopathy treats a total person or consitution as they call in Homeopathy. I keep getting urine related infections but far less than before. Last episode was after 2 years break compared to earlier once or twice every 3 months.
Pillai Saheb May 3, 2006 Belgaum, India
Hello, my name is Rohan Manglik and I wanted to share my experience regarding homeopathic medicines, the treatment, effectiveness etc. To begin with my illness, I was diagnosed with Acute Sinusitis sometime around Spring of 2008. That was after I decided to consult a ENT specialist after more than 6 months of constant sinus pressure, nasal blockage/drainage and even difficulty concentrating at times. It’s not that I didn’t visit doctors, I did go to regular Physicians but the diagnosis and treatment weren’t doing anything to improve my condition. After visiting the ENT in the spring of 2008 and the CT scan revealing the Acute Sinusitis, I was put on a strong dose of a medicine(sorry cannot recall the name) and also nasal spray which seemed to start working..After the 2 week course I felt better in a long time, but the symptoms returned in no time. Even a single glass of cold water would make me run for a napkin as the mucous would generate in hardly any time. I was back to square one with the nasal discharge, pressure and a feeling that there is constant blockage in my nostrils. At one point the ENT had also recommended steroids and if nothing worked,
Rohan Manglik February 7, 2011 Rockville, Maryland

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